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     The progress of human society has always been associated with the development of various fields of science and business, among which an important place is always busy dogs. Kennel modern, especially socially significant, socially responsible, and is one of the factors that affect the modern man looks at the attitude towards nature. That's because the main motivation dog world - is love for all living beings, not utilitarian attitude or commodity - money relations at their worst. Humanity can not be artificially divided along racial and religious lines, and the same applies to a single space Cynological. Division affected by clubs and club systems should not affect the realization of the goals and objectives that the air we breathe, are common to us all. The participants of this conference are turning to experts dog public peace, to which everyone can relate to themselves that just loves dogs, dogs professionally engaged or is in any organization canine. We have gathered in Kiev is not only and not so much, once again, to express the fact of its existence, or to sum up the work done by us to work together. Our main objectives is to further strengthen our union, establish partnerships with other dog organizations, as well as the full development of cynology in all its manifestations.

Based on the above, it is proposed:

1. Pursuing the objective of a true canine, stagnation and stop the policy of demonizing some clubs respect to each other. Dog face dog world and not intrigues of attempts to falsify information using unfair methods of competition.

2. In relation to many breeds of dogs, is a national treasure of entire countries and peoples, to restore historical justice, to officially recognize and record these breeds, and secure them to their countries of origin. The basis for the further development and selection of these species to be considered a standard adopted by the country of origin.

3. Create an advisory committee that includes representatives of the most important canine community, to coordinate further actions for the promotion and development of the modern dog breeding.

4. We support the initiative of canine Joint events (exhibitions, contests and canine tame sports) with the slogan "Cynology without borders", including representatives of all countries and the canine community.

5. In many countries of the world political and public organizations is conducted fairly aggressive policy the formation of negative public opinion against representatives of a number of races with their showdown in the category of "socially - dangerous" or " potentially -. Aggressive "You must make every effort, with the involvement to solve this problem of the broad masses of the public, with the direct participation of the masses -. The media, in order to avoid further discredit and often, and the physical destruction of these breeds of dogs, like their degeneration in general.

6. And 'need for more control in pure-bred breeding, especially regarding the use of inbreeding, and in relation to genetically transmitted diseases.

7. maximum efforts should be made to bring the "law of the pet" of the various countries to civilized norms declared by the international community and "European Convention for the Protection of Animals." Using democratic means, seek tougher laws of some countries reference article "The cruel or inhumane treatment of animals", based on the fact that the death penalty creates fictitious impunity.

8. In order to educate future generations in the spirit of humanism and social responsibility, to work to promote the Kennel in educational institutions run demonstration and training measures (training). Make the courses and clubs for young handler young dog lovers as accessible as possible for the population in general, regardless of the economic or social status. We are ready to extend a hand of friendship to all those who care about cynology, its present, and most of all - our common future. Because, as he wrote Antoine Saint-Exupery, - "We are responsible for those who tamed." 11.01.2013g.

            In its activities, the Worldl Kennel Union based on the principles of democracy, transparency and professionalism. Paper organization takes into account the equality of all Member States WKU. All decisions are taken - collectively. The organization covers all continents and countries.

          WKU has its registered logo (crest) with a unique design. This logo may be used only by members of the organization.

 WKU President - Igor Sulimov

Vice President WKU - Mikhail Modebadze

Secretariat WKU :. 03037 Ukraine, Kyiv, ave Krasnozvёzdny 7 \ 2, tel. +380442483311